Use Hidroxicarbamide to treat chronic myeloid leukemia and cervical cancer


Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Hidroxicarbamide is the best drug to treat CML (chronic myeloid leukemia), cervical cancer and other pre-cancerous conditions. Hidroxicarbamide is a chemotherapy drug and is otherwise known as hydroxyurea. Manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Hydroxycarbamide is available in different colors such as pink, white and green capsules. The company has a team of well trained professionals and doctors to design, develop and test the drug. The particular drug can be trusted as it is manufactured in a clean laboratory.

If you need this drug, it is advised to seek the help of experienced doctors or health care providers. The drug manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is not available over the counter. This clearly indicates that you can get the medicine through a proper prescription prescribed by renowned doctors. In other words, Hidroxicarbamide is a prescribed drug.

While taking Hidroxicarbamide capsules, you should take them with plenty of water. You even can empty the contents of the capsules into a glass of water and drink it straight away if you face problem in swallowing those capsules. Avoid touching the contents of the capsules. Most doctors prescribe chemotherapy as a course of several sessions of treatment over a few months. But this actually depends on the type of cancer you are being treated for. Your doctor will give you all the information about the treatment. However, before the treatment commences, you will be given anti-sickness drugs. These drugs can also be given during the treatment.

There are various side effects involved in this treatment. But, each person’s reaction to chemotherapy is different. Risk of infection, bruising and bleeding, anemia and raised levels of uric acid in the blood, etc. are the common side effects experienced while taking hydroxycarbamide. If you experience something else, you should not neglect to inform your doctor about the side effects.

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